“I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it -- to be fed so much love I couldn't take any more. Just once. ”
― Haruki Murakami ―
Butler sprites by the lovely Kat.


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Encounter in childhood days
The reunion in High School
The forward looking future in the University Student

The thought for 20 years finally meet
On the Aisle, stepping forward to the new future with him
Before the wedding with him…
花嫁修業はじめました!♡ (Bride Study)

From childhood friends to lover…
From lover to fiance…
At last, husband and wife…

Coming Soon・・・
Tanemura Haruki Wedding Route♡
Sato Ichigo Wedding Route ♡
Yuno Takeshi Wedding Route
Hatsune Rihito Wedding Route
Chakura Jojhi Wedding Route

Stepping toward the Aishle, walking to the new future with him

Anonymous asked:
Sorry for adding to the list of asks, but you write everyone so well! (in all the headcanons you've done, not just BMP.) Anyway: what if the princes and butlers switched lives? Like, the butlers were born as the Prince of (kingdom) and vice versa. How would this influence.. everything? >w<


Ooh! Interesting! Hm. Let’s see….


Wilfred & Claude: I think Claude would be a very dutiful prince and not complain. I think he’d be kinda like Pre-MC-Joshua where everything about the princedom is taken seriously and he is prepared to rule over Philip to the best of his ability. He’s not overly hard on Wilfred though because Wilfred is still a good butler. He still manages to get everything done on time. Since Wilfred is a butler now, I think he gets to daydream more. Whenever he has a free moment, he’s daydreaming in the garden or reading a book. He knows Claude will be the perfect prince for Philip and he just stands in the shadows with a small smile on his lips, enjoying the goings on around him, but always remembering what he is.

Keith & Luke: Um. Wow. This is such a dynamic change oh my goodness. I think Luke would be a great prince save for his lacking in confidence and vision. Keith provides this balance. Keith certainly his views and ideas and he’s not afraid to share them with his prince. He doesn’t go over the line in how he talks to Luke, but he comes pretty damn close. Luke relies on Keith to help him and shape him into a better prince, but it’s not like he’s completely hopeless. He has his own dreams and visions. He just has to learn how to articulate them properly. He also needs to build confidence in himself and who better than our favorite motivational speaker, Keith. xD

Roberto & Alberto: This dynamic would still be hilarious. Alberto would basically be running the country and doing butler tasks at the same time. He’d ask for some tea and Roberto would go to get it. But then twenty minutes later, there’s still no tea so Alberto huffs and goes down to the kitchens and finds Roberto flirting with the maids, the prince’s tea getting colder by the minute. Alberto would then have to get fresh tea and drag Roberto upstairs so he can make Roberto do something other than flit around and flirt with every breathing female in the palace. Roberto’s charm makes up for Alberto’s stiffness when meeting new people (especially new females). Roberto will try and give Alberto pointers on how to score with the high born ladies, but Alberto will ignore it every single time. Over all, though, Roberto just wants his prince to do very well and is always ready to help.

Glenn & Yu: Honestly, I think the dynamic would still be the same. Except Yu is less tsundere and isn’t rough around the edges like Glenn is. He wouldn’t have to worry about his age and I think he’d still get a lot done. I think his faults would be more about his being aloof or even a little cold, compared to Glenn. He’s always saying and doing the right thing, but you’re never quite sure if he actually means what he says. Glenn would ultimately do his best to serve Yu and would berate himself if he ever made a mistake. Ultimately, he just wants to do his best. :nods:

Joshua & Jan: Jan would certainly be polite and more friendly, as opposed to Joshua, who would be standoffish. I can see their dynamic being like Wilfred and Claude’s (with Wilfred being prince and Claude being butler). Joshua doesn’t really trust women and he believes he’s the best man for every job and can do it not only well, but to the best possible standard he can achieve. Jan would certainly be extremely productive in his own way too, but he wouldn’t be as socially stunted as Joshua. He’d be charming in his own way too. Ultimately, their relationship is built on trust and respect, rather than friendship. Friendship comes later. :)

Edward & Louis: Oh my sweet Charles babies! Louis and Edward would still be pretty much the same, except Edward is the one giving support to Louis. Whenever Louis gets nervous or doubts himself, Edward is always giving support and encouragement to him. Louis would be considered adorable to the ladies, even as he’s being a perfect gentleman. He’d have wonderful ideas for Charles and Edward helps and supports him every step of the way. They still are the top favorites for ultimate bromance. Perfect pairing is perfect. ^w^


I hope you liked my answers. :) Thanks for asking!



When a new Voltage release is available, I be like…



"What is Happiness?”


Happily Ever After ~ 幸せな恋物語り in ヨーロッパ ~

The dialogue box blocks me from taking a clean screenshot so Yuzuki’s CG is smaller than others p(´⌒`。q) But then all the guys are naked in their CGs so yeah I definitely like this event! (●´艸`)





Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Mitsunari Baba [First Sweet Story] Jpn GREE

Baba brought the MC along to steal XD The MC was feeling sad/frustrated partly because she was made an accomplice, and also because of Baba’s apparent lack of guilt towards stealing. Her inner thoughts were all like 「泥棒 泥棒 泥棒」which means thief lol ^^ Baba brought her shopping to dress her up as his date for the casino party, and he acted really intimate with her which made the MC go doki doki and all the ladies green with jealousy XD


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Character Tropes  Seduced in the Sleepless City


HAHAHAHAHA Chiaki what are you doing!?lol





Eisuke 4th place (2014 general election) commemoration comic (๑>◡<๑)


Basically the guys decide to do a wake up candid camera on Eisuke who got 4th place in the general election. chiapeto will provide you a detail translation soon (´ヮ`)

Thank you for this post airglas ^_^ 

Ota: In celebration to the good fight Eisuke-san gave during the General Election…
Baba: We are going to take a candid camera of him waking-up
Mamoru: You guys put no value in your lives….
Soryu: Ha~~…
Baba: Everyone follow behind quietly ok… Ah, the leader’s sleeping face is so cute 
Ota: Baba-san, stop playing around and follow through the plan.
Mamoru: I have nothing to do with this.
Baba: Oh no! He woke up!
Eisuke: (Hm?) Oy. What is the meaning of this? You better have a good explanation.
Baba: This is our surprise present for your fourth place 
Eisuke: Baba-san do you have a moment?
Ota: You take care of the rest~
Baba: Eh, why only I get yelled at? Everyone is an accomplice right? Hey, they are not here anymore…